Egotistic self-indugence

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 16 Mar 96 03:31:32 -0500

It's 3:30AM on a Saturday, and I've ended up back at the office, staring at UPP.

Just observing that this sucketh,

PS. Cc:d to FoRK to preserve its editorial mission of "Running Commentary On
The Void Which Is Rohit's Social Life!"

ObContent: The movie Executive Decision, about a series of insanely
improbable aeodynamic maneuvers and ridiculous electronics leavened only by
pathetically wooden acting, is notable for its PSION clips. The 40-million
killer poison bomb is remote controlled by one, which manages to fly around a
747 like a football yet, never once manages to conveniently lose a battery,
clip, or hinge. Sometimes a product can just be too damned durable...