Turtles on turtles on turtles: the death of Nugi.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Tue, 19 Mar 96 09:43:49 PST

Care to explain to me how Megan got this before it
was sent to me by Rohit, Ernie, FoRK, or some other
distribution channel?

By the way, I wonder how many people this got forwarded
to know who the "Rohit" of said song is...

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> How do you know Rohit? What does he have to do with NeXTSTEP? Hey,
> this guy's from CalTech. I tell you, I'm just stymied.
> Anyhow, love American Pie, love the tribute. I'm a little scared
> that I understand this stuff, though...
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> Subject: Lamentation by NeXT Users Group International (nugi)
> I just found this in the net and thought I could share it with the =
> gang. Have fun!
> <Charles>
> Written to commemorate the dissolution of NeXTSTEP User Groups
> International,
> following the replacement of NeXTstep with OpenStep for Mach.
> Published on
> March 12, 1996 in honor of Steve Jobs endorsing Microsoft's
> Windows-based
> Internet strategy. Audio at
> http://xent.w3.org/%7Ekhare/NugiDirge.htmld/index.html
> -----
> The Day that NeXTstep Died
> (to the tune of American Pie)
> The Lament of NeXTSTEP User Groups International
> by Dr. Ernie
> A long, long time ago
> I can still remember how those demos used to make me smile
> And I knew if I had my chance,
> That I could make those markets dance
> And maybe they'd buy NeXTSTEP for a while
> But competition made it wither, and vendors vanished in the ether
> Changing to OpenStep; they couldn't take that Last Step.
> I can't remember if I cried when I read about "Windows Inside."
> I felt like a widowed bride the day that NeXTSTEP died
> So...
> Chorus:
> Bye, bye to the n-u-g-i
> Went from Lavin to Barello but it just wouldn't fly
> Saw Conrad gone and Darren shifted aside
> Thinking this will be the way that we die
> This'll be the way that we die
> Did you write the book of flubs,
> Do you have faith in Steven Jobs
> If NeXTanswers tells you so?
> Now, do you believe in PDO? Can WebObjects save your CIO?
> Or, should I wait for N-E-O?
> Well I know that you're in love with Bill,
> 'cause I saw you climb that Windows hill.
> You both run on Intel. Man I dig that visual shell!
> Ooh, I was a lonely academic rube; with a campus net and a resold =
> cube
> But I knew I was doomed to lose, the day that NeXTSTEP died
> I started singing...
> [chorus]
> Now for ten years we've had ups and downs
> Following the venture clowns
> But that's not how it was meant to be
> When the Steppers sang of "Vision in Black"
> And Scott got paid for the Stuart hacks
> And optic drives were replaced for free
> But while they worked on PowerPCs
> The bottom dropped on hardware fees
> The factory got burned, all of us were spurned
> Bud Tribble went to see the Sun, and PVC was the golden one
> Do you recall all that was done the day that NeXTSTEP died?
> That's why we're singing...
> [chorus]
> And there we were all in Moscone, a community without a home
> And no one left to start again
> So come on Wendy Mattson, Rob MacKim, Dr. E and that Khare kid, =
> plus
> Andy our remaining vendor friend.
> And as I watched him on the stage
> My hands were clenched in fists of rage
> No users aching need, could vie with corporate greed
> And as the prices climbed way outta sight
> And all of us called it a night
> I heard Crispin laughing with delight
> The day that NeXTSTEP died
> And he was singing...
> [chorus]
> I met a man who wrote some code
> And I asked him for a pallete load
> But he just smiled and turned away
> I went down to the campus store
> Where I'd bought NeXTSTEP years before
> But the man there said that NeXTSTEP didn't pay.
> And on the Net, the vendors screamed,
> The users cried, and consultants dreamed
> But no one asked for teamwork
> NeXT only talked to Dreamworks
> And the vendors I considered sages,
> RightBrain and AppSoft, and even Pages
> Went off to work for better wages
> The day that NeXTSTEP died.
> And they were singing...
> Bye-bye to the n-u-g-i
> Tried to network, tried petitions but it just wouldn't fly
> And at the end it just was Rohit and I
> Saying, "This is now the day that it dies."
> --
> Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar NeXTmail:ernest@alumni.caltech.edu
> former President, NeXTSTEP User Groups International
> "And ourselves, your servants for Jesus' sake." -- II Cor 4:5b
> http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~ernest/Home.htmld/index.html