Re: Turtles on turtles on turtles: the death of Nugi.

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 19 Mar 96 13:29:33 -0500 (I Find Karma) wrote on Tue, 19 Mar 96:

> Care to explain to me how Megan got this before it was sent to me by Rohit,
> Ernie, FoRK, or some other distribution channel?

> Tue, 12 Mar 96 20:00:38 -0500
> nugi is now publically dead.
> I have updated the entire nugi web at
> I especially recommend Ernie's multimedia rendition of
> "The Day that NeXTstep Died"...
> Now, time to go annotate those lyrics with mailto:'s :=)
> Rohit

Stick a sock in it bladderboy... you were informed! ;->

> By the way, I wonder how many people this got forwarded to know who the
> "Rohit" of said song is...

Hmm... more than the people who recognized Ernie and fewer than those who
recognized Crispin? :-)

Alta Vista has gotten fuller, and I'm only 10% of the "Rohit" hits in the
world. There are over 1000 hits on Rohit Khare, out of only 1989 Khares.
Compare with over 5-7,000 Rivest hits... a long way to go! :-)

You want philosophy? see

(Who just added one to the global tally through the robotic inclusion of
FoRK-archive into the indices...)