Re: Turtles on turtles on turtles: the death of Nugi.

I Find Karma (
Tue, 19 Mar 96 11:59:03 PST

> > Care to explain to me how Megan got this before it was sent to me by Rohit,
> > Ernie, FoRK, or some other distribution channel?
> Er:
> > I especially recommend Ernie's multimedia rendition of
> > "The Day that NeXTstep Died"...
> >

HELLO - especially important items like this shouldn't require
two levels of indirection, please.

> Stick a sock in it bladderboy... you were informed! ;->

I was informed of information. I was not given the info directly.
There's a difference. My intelligent agent has a stack of 300 links
I still need to surf, you know.

> > By the way, I wonder how many people this got forwarded to know who the
> > "Rohit" of said song is...
> Hmm... more than the people who recognized Ernie and fewer than those who
> recognized Crispin? :-)

Who's Crispin.


> Alta Vista has gotten fuller, and I'm only 10% of the "Rohit" hits in the
> world. There are over 1000 hits on Rohit Khare, out of only 1989 Khares.
> Compare with over 5-7,000 Rivest hits... a long way to go! :-)

I can't believe you do this repeatedly. Do you have a little
graph where you chart this day to day?

> You want philosophy? see

Argh! Too many Rohits!

> (Who just added one to the global tally through the robotic inclusion of
> FoRK-archive into the indices...)

Every time we say your name, we make it more difficult for seekers of
the other Rohits to find them?

> In lieu of that, I think if we're going to have contining relationship, it
> would be best to start on a series I've not yet acquired:
> The Art of Computer Programming
> by Donald E. Knuth
> Volume 3, Sorting and Searching
> 0-201-03803-X . 722 pp. Hardcover. 1973.

YOU DON'T OWN THIS!?!!?! Baw ha ha ha ha.

> Hmm... I'll be back Thursday evening in Boston; if we try this harebrained
> notion, I'll have to leave for LA Fri morning.

I need a chart to figure out where in the country you, Joe, and Mary
will be each of the next 4 days.

Ro Joe Mary

Wed Boston Wisc Wisc
Thu Va. KC Boston
Fri LA KC Boston
Sat LA LA Boston

Is this right?

> > time. this afternoon, while mary is racking her mead,
> What in God's name is that? Sounds like someone stepped out of an SCA
> Anonymous meeting (Society for Creative Anachronism).

You never racked your mead before, Rohit?

> > to this deluge of email
> Well, Ernie, you may be the only one with a full count. Did you find it a
> 'deluge'? :-)

ANYTHING from Rohit is a deluge.