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Rohit Khare (
Fri, 22 Mar 96 04:11:11 -0500

Just to add this gem to the current thread in the FoRK archives...RK

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Rohit, baby!

You wrote:
> Wendy J. Mattson wrote on Fri, 22 Mar 96:
> > Hey gang,
> >
> > Sounds like party time to me!
> >
> Yeah! We'll be hq'd closer to Mountain View, so please discuss among
> yourselves and tell us where to meet y'all. I, for one, just found a business
> card on my desk from, see, NeXTWORLD '93:

Look here, Ernie gave up on the NeXT community after dragging us into it, and
you just hang around with too many government standards people to trust you.
I really can't understand why you think m and I would be interested in seeing
you in our great City.

> Kublai Khan's Restaurant Mongolian Bar-B-Q (Panoramic Upstair View)
> 1160 Polk (at Sutter) 885-1378

Furthermore, where do you get off suggesting a place to eat? We have 3400
restaurants in this 49 sq mile city and no foreigner from Bawsten (forgive me
if it's really Cambridge) is gonna tell us where to eat. Obviously you thought
Mongolian was in when you were there. Well if there is one thing that has
never been in in SF it's Mongolian. And Mongolian with a view! How tacky!

Let the natives (we've been here 11 years, we're vested) decide what to eat.
Places with a view are uniformly rotten. And any place known to someone from
the east coast is automatically spoiled.

> In any case, it's only a tiny suggestion. It just reminded me of an eps
> story, 'sall.

I don't hate anyone enough to ever get into a real flame fest. And so I have
to practice on good friends. It's the only way to stay in shape.

As it stands, I'm not sure whather m&I are free on Saturday, but if ya'll
pick a good place to eat or drink we'll be more likely to blow off our local
friends! So choose carefully.


PS Thanks for the input on Frames. It proved to be most helpful.