"Java Workshop" html editor?

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Wed, 27 Mar 96 10:27:56 -0500

Can someone investigate this and get back to the list?

-- RK

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 10:43:43 +0100
From: Thilo Horstmann <Thilo.Horstmann@sophia.inria.fr>
Subject: Java Workshop

it seems sun has extended their HotJava browser into a complete
develompment framework for HTML pages and applets.
Pretty cool, I think.

"The Java Workshop is integrated using the web browser model; each tool
in the environment is actually an HTML page that contains a
specialized applet. When you start a component by clicking on its
toolbar button, the page containing the applet is loaded into the