Re: "Java Workshop" html editor?

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 27 Mar 96 10:52:03 -0500

Anselm Baird-Smith wrote on Wed, 27 Mar 1996:

> Thilo Horstmann writes:
> > it seems sun has extended their HotJava browser into a complete
> > develompment framework for HTML pages and applets. Pretty cool, I think.
> >
> > "The Java Workshop is integrated using the web browser model; each tool in
> > the environment is actually an HTML page that contains a specialized
> > applet. When you start a component by clicking on its toolbar button, the
> > page containing the applet is loaded into the browser."
> >
> > ,
> >
> Yep. that's what I thought before testing it yesterday evening on Win95. It's
> AWFULL ! The browser itself is *slow*, so slow that sometime you are
> wondering if it has freezed, than you try to kill it, and a few minutes after
> it starts continuing again. I was unable to run the debugger on my classes,
> the editor is the worst I have seen, etc. I really felt ashame for Sun, and I
> can't understand why they make public such an alpha version. Anyway, I will
> test it on solaris today (hopefully it will be better there).
> Anselm.