Java Developer News

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 27 Mar 96 11:26:21 -0500

> The Java(tm) Developers Organization has been
> created to promote and protect the interests of Java
> developers. The primary purpose is to help Java developers
> create licenses for their applets, and provide a mechanism
> by which applet users will be required to enter into
> licenses prior to using such applets. We see Java
> developers at a potential disadvantage compared to other
> programmers, since the delivery of Java applets generally
> doesn't include a shrink wrap package or passthrough
> screen on which developer-protecting license terms can
> be displayed and agreed to. Java applets just run; that's
> their beauty, and that's their risk to developers. But
> it doesn't have to be that way.

> Sun's Worldwide Java Developer Conference
> Sponsored by JavaSoft
> May 29-31, 1996 -- Moscone Center, San Francisco

> "JavaOne is the official conference for developers using
> Java," said Alan Baratz, JavaSoft President. "Our
> developers are anxious for the in-depth technical
> information on Java that only its creators can provide.
> JavaOne, organized by SOFTBANK Expos, will give the
> JavaSoft(tm) team an opportunity to interact face-to-face
> with Java technology developers."
> Among the many speakers, James Gosling, who architected
> the original Java programming environment, will deliver
> insight into Java technology development. Alan Baratz,
> president of JavaSoft, will address business opportunities
> and direction for JavaSoft. JavaOne will feature three
> main session tracks: Technology, Business and Design.
> The Conference will also offer hands-on demonstration
> areas, tutorials, opportunities to interact with
> development peers and a technology fair featuring the
> latest and most innovative uses of Java-based technologies
> by third party developers.