Re: Anagram that Rob didn't tell us about.

Tim Byars (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 11:39:36 -0800

well here are some more, re-arrange to fit your personal needs... :-)

information superhighway

praiseworthy inhuman if go
praiseworthy union him fag
praiseworthy human fog in i
inharmonious thief war gyp
inharmonious tripe why fag
inharmonious weigh fry apt
inharmonious pater why fig
frontiersman whoa hip guy i
frontiersman pow guy hi hi a
stenography wino rum if hi a
respiration fungi who my ha
premonition fishy raw hug a
premonition fishy war ugh a
parishioner unify whom tag
parishioner tough fawn my i
nitrogenous wham hip fry i a
nightmarish fairy owe up on
nightmarish foray we up on i
nightmarish wife pay our on
nightmarish wife you rap on
nightmarish rape you won if
nightmarish rape you win of
nightmarish rape you own if
nightmarish rape you now if
mensuration whip orgy if ha
inspiration orgy huh few am
inspiration mega why fur oh
inspiration harm guy few oh
waterproof human shy gin i i
waterproof sin gun my hi ah i
sanitarium freon why pig ho
sanitarium horny pig few oh


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