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Tim Byars (tbyars@cris.com)
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 08:05:32 -0800

Notable Known Problems:

B-Tree Corruption
Should your Mac crash while Netscape is writing a document to
the file cache, there is a
slight chance that your hard drive's B-tree will become
corrupted. Netscape Navigator
writes more information to more disk files than almost any
other Mac application. Because
of this, we are more succeptible to random crashes in this
area. If you experience a crash
while loading a page in Netscape, you may want to run a disk
repair utility such as Disk
First Aid or Norton Disk Doctor to make sure the crash didn't
affect your hard disk.
Remember, even if you crash while writing to the disk, it's
very unlikely that B-tree
corruption will occur. The "window of opportunity" for a
problem is very small.
However, we wanted to warn our users of this possibility.
We've tried to eliminate all
crashes from the application. But, as with any Mac program,
third-party extensions and
control panels may reduce stability

"window of opportunity" followed by "however"




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