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Well, the latter one is easy. The two notes are the same letters
parsed differently.

Wit: howl on, gibe: rate the semen
With Ow! long I berate these men.
Of thy men "waste." Stedfast -- be low!
Oft hymen was tested fast below.
Be foul, meen, ever. No moralist and
Befoul me never. No; moral I stand,
Ho! nor able to go do good.
Honorable to God. O, good.

The Washington poem is similar, where each couplet is composed of the
same letters:

[George can't] lose war with 's hands in;
He's as -- so, liht, rw, and win!

Good stuff -- Thanks!

-- Ernie P.

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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 96 19:06:13 -0500
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Subject: Wordplay [for Ernie!]

_Making the Alphabet Dance_
Recreational Wordplay
by Ross Eckler

A book of alphabetical challenges and other crazy stuff. For example,
tell me the trick to:

_Washington Crossing the Delaware_

A hard, howling, tossing water scene:
Strong tide was washing hero clean.
"How cold!" Weather stings as in anger.
O silent night shows war ace danger!

The cold waters swashing on in rage.
Redcoats warn slow his hint engage
When general's star action wish'd "Go!"
He saw his ragged continentals row.

Ah, he stands -- sailor crew went going,
And so this general watches rowing.
He hastens -- Winter again grows cold;
A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.

George can't lose war with 's hands in;
He's astern -- so, go alight, crew, and win!