Re: Boston on $200 a day

Greg Davis (
Sun, 7 Apr 96 13:39:32 PDT

Hi Rohit,

Oops... Does stupidity qualify? I remember thinking to myself "Who
do I know personally that is at MIT?" and the only person that came to
mind is somebody from the Lloyd class of '94. I guess W3 and MIT
don't associate in my mind.

> Your punishment is to contribute two (2) novel bits to this list within 10
> days or a warrant will be issued by the SGML cops to censor your Web presence.

Okay, I'll deal with the penalty for now and make up the dinner to you
next time. Contributing two novel bits (as opposed to stuff just
ripped off from the web or a newsgroup) will require storytelling. I
guess I'll relate the Flamin' Hot Doritos story and something else
within the next ten days.

Sorry. No slight intended to you, Rohit.