Re: Women in computing

Eve Schooler (
Mon, 8 Apr 96 11:56:15 PDT

>I continue to be quite concerned about this trend... if for no other reason
>than increased competition in the dating pool :-)
><ducking!> [zing!] <whew...>

actually, i don't blame you. i too wish there were more women, so i
could befriend them. there are just some things -- like being pregnant --
that are easier to discuss with other women! :-)

>> lucy suchman
>?? cache miss over here: who is this anthropological luminary?

she works at xerox parc and has been studying computer scientists
from a sociological and anthropological perspective. i heard her speak
a while back at one of the cscw conferences. very interesting person....
doesn't focus so much on issues of gender as the computing "society" in general.
therefore, she probably has commented on the discrepancy in numbers between
males and females, but it is not her "main" preoccupation.