Re: Loolapaloza online?

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 8 Apr 96 16:53:19 -0400 (I Find Karma) wrote on 13:38:57 Mon, 8 Apr 96:

> > I heard that they will be selling tickets on the internet. Do they have a
> > URL that you know of?
> ,

I am SORRY. This is just the most PATHETIC possible site warning I have ever
seen from ANY klatch of Netscape-junkies... I meanl, resorting to *threats*?




Howdy Friends,

You're about to enter the world of Lollapalooza, however, we must WARN you of
the following dangers:

You've GOTTA GET Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Netscape Atlas 3.0 Pre-release to
be able to see the GIF89 animations and Java applets.

You've GOTTA GET Shockwave to see the site properly, period.

You've GOTTA GET Crescendo's plug-in to be able HEAR the site properly!

Without the proper tools installed, this site WILL CRASH YOUR MACHINE!!!

Note: Here is a _lower bandwidth version_ if you don't want to try out the
software above. Also, Microsoft Internet Explorer users will not crash, you'll
hear the background music, but you won't get the gif89 or Shockwave