Re: the 97% rule and american education standards (LONG)

Robert Harley (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 11:07:19 +0200

>> 3.Which state last became part of the United States?
>Hey, that's a tough call: both Hawaii and Alaska happened a long time ago,
>and I can never be sure which was 1958 or '59. I say Alaska. Alta Vista says:
>ALASKA JOINED UNION: January 3, 1959
>HAWAII JOINED UNION: August 21, 1959
>Bzzt! see, silly me, I figured a desolate wilderness joined after the
>civilization that has been thriving for centuries.

Hey, you should have known that. Even us euro-dudes had the
Hawaii-five-oh TV series! As in 50th state of the union (so far).

Rob, from Ireland-seven.

NB: Ireland was 7th to join the EU (or 8th or 9th, the UK and Denmark
joined on the same day!)