Re: The X = X + 1 Syndrome

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Mon, 15 Apr 96 06:58:27 -0700

Ah, but you were returning to Europe, a land of civilization (sp?)
and culture. India is a land of culture w/o civilization. Which
would be particularly hard for Rohit, who is used to civilization w/o


-- Ernie P.

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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 13:48:57 +0200
From: Robert Harley <>
Subject: The X = X + 1 Syndrome

The european-in-America's experience is not very different, apart from
arranged mariages that is. One day this particular european said
"F**k this", and returned to civilisation before it was too late.
If you have what it takes to get up and head for another continent,
then surely you have what it takes to get up again and go right back.

Don't let McBurgers and Baywatch make you complacent. X was last year.

Rob, glad to be back where he belongs.