Distributed Computing Environments; also, Tax Day.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Mon, 15 Apr 96 11:49:12 PDT

I read a semi-clueful book yesterday that was a good overview of
Distributed Computing practice in the past and present. It's called
_Distributed Computing Environments_ editted by Daniel Cerutti and
Donna Pierson, published by McGraw Hill in 1993. I found the chapters
on Client/Server and Distributed Transactions to present good overviews.

Regarding distributed Transactions, so far the only half-decent book
I've found is the Jim Gray/Andreas Reuter tome _Transaction Processing_.
Rohit has recommended two books by Nancy Lynch: _Distributed Algorithms_
and _Atomic Transactions_; anyone else have any transaction book

In a completely unrelated topic (but still conforming to the subject,
Rohi), a friend of mine asked why everyone pays taxes on the same day,
rather than stagger it to make life easier for the accountants and
IRS folks. Anyone have a good explanation of this?