Red Herring Guide to the Digital Universe.

I Find Karma (
Mon, 15 Apr 96 12:01:15 PDT

There's a new book out called "The Red Herring Guide to the Digital
Universe" written by the editors of Red Herring magazine that you can
pick up in the business section for about 25 bucks. Red Herring is
dedicated to public and private computer technology companies, and it's
pretty good as a magazine. The book is an EXCELLENT look at the 250
companies most poised to do well in the technology age, plus interviews
with all the key players. If you have the means, I highly recommend
this book. It is so choice.

I bought it right after dropping Rohit off at the airport yesterday,
and read it cover-to-cover. Thanks for the recommendation, Rohita.

:) Adam

Cluefulness is necessarily correlated with ambition to achieve anything.
-- Rohit Khare