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>I read a semi-clueful book yesterday that was a good overview of
>Distributed Computing practice in the past and present.

Unisys plans to deliver multiprocessing servers based on the Pentium Pro
this month that will be able to harness as many as ten processors in one

The ClearPath SMP61000 servers will deliver RISC-processor-level
performance on relatively low-cost Intel Pentium Pro design. They will be
targeted at the replicated server market and will be shipped ready for
commercial applications that require mission-critical online transaction
processing, according to Unisys.

The symmetric multiprocessor systems will use as many as ten 200-MHz
Pentium Pro processors with 256K integrated level-2 caches; in the third
quarter, the company will add 512K caches to improve performance even
more. ClearPath SMP61000 servers will be able to run several operating
systems, including Windows NT, SCO UnixWare, SCO ClearView, or
Unisys UNIX System V, release 4.

Other features include:
--Fully scalable architecture for two to ten Pentium or Pentium Pro
--Pentium processors matched with 2MB of level-2 caches
--Pentium Pro processors matched with 4MB of level-3 caches
--Mix and match multiple speeds of Pentium Processors
--High availability features including hot removable in-cabinet disk drives
--Up to 4GB of ECC System memory

Pricing for the systems will vary according to configuration, but typical
costs will range from $90,000 to $150,000 for a system with four Pentium
processors and from $190,000 to $240,000 for a system with eight
Pentium Pros processors.


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