I Find Karma (
Tue, 16 Apr 96 16:07:05 PDT

John was saying that Apple was full of itself.
Well, apparently, Mac users in general like to
spread their own gospel...

Want to be listed as a Made with Mac site? Add your site to our list of

This site promotes the use of Apple Macintosh computers in the design and
production of content for the World Wide Web. Many users and beginning web
designers are unaware of the dominance and power of Macintoshes in graphics and
design. We hope to change this by making it apparent just how dominant the
Macintosh is in the design and creation of top notch web pages.

If you design and create Web sites using a Macintosh, please show the world by
placing a "Made with Macintosh" badge on your site's home page. We have created
several versions so that the design of the badge will be less likely to disrupt
the visual design of your page. The badges have been carefully created to
well (they are in colors that don't dither in Netscape) as well as transmit fast
(all four are under 1.1K.)

Please make your badge a link back to this page so that others can learn about
the "Made with Macintosh" effort. The shortest URL of this page is
"". Thanks a lot for your support.