Re: Voxers talking about Timothy Leary.

I Find Karma (
Tue, 16 Apr 96 16:11:04 PDT

> but who the hell are the voxers?

Voxers are the carriers of anti-cluons in the Rohit Khare universe,
where a cluon is the basic fundamental indivisible unit of clue.

Anti-cluons are naturally attracted to cluons, so Rohit says that
by hanging out on Voxers, I'm losing cluons by the minute. Worse,
just like anti-matter and matter, when my cluons hit their anti-cluons,
they disintegrate, never to be clueful again. Rohit says I'm a few
cluons away from walking monkeyboy.

Of course, I still think the Voxers are fun to hang out with.
And every once in a while they really talk about something out
of this world on their mailing list. Like Timothy Leary killing
himself on the Web, live.