Re: One thing I hate about the Web.

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Wed, 17 Apr 96 11:51:44 PDT

Megan's response is below. I think Rohit should add her to FoRK.

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> I've seen responses to this kind of question on alt.teaching-type lists,
> where they get all kinds of requests of this sort. Most of them say something
> as follows:
> Okay to post this kind of thing *iff*:
> 1. You aren't asking people to do your research for you.
> 2. You post a number of specific, easily addressable questions.
> 3. You don't invade people's private mailboxes with this kind of thing.
> 4. You explain why you are doing the assignment, why you think people on the
> list can help you, what kinds of reply you're looking for.
> 5. You provide a private e-mail address so people don't have to post to the
> list to reply (and you shouldn't encourage them to do so. They know whether
> the list will find that kind of thing interesting and will post it globally if
> so.)
> Bad Things include:
> 1. Sending mail to private mailboxes without permission to do so.
> 2. Asking people to do your assignment for you ("I'm supposed to write a
> paper that answers the question, 'Was Technology invented to make life easier
> or destroy the human race?' and I'd appreciate your answers.)
> 3. Asking questions that you should be able to figure out on your own (a list
> of addresses or places to post this question).
> Bad things specific to the mail you just forwarded:
> 1. That thesis and those themes are way too broad to be useful. Questions
> that rely on personal experience and that are small enough to be managable are
> okay...this stuff isn't.
> 2. Define Technology. Way, way too broad. Does it include light, or just
> computer-related stuff.