Re: for all the email addicts

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 23 Apr 96 18:19:35 -0400

Magnus Hedlund wrote on 15:07:39 Tue, 23 Apr 1996:

> >Oh well. So, Mag-man, wanna be a dining philosopher?
> Sure dude, I'll be a dining philosopher. But I should warn you, if I get
> hungry, I'll just eat with my hands if I can't find a fork.
> - Magnus

OK, everybody, give a big ol' FoRK-in-the-back to Magnus, the latest schmuck
to be shanghaied onto this mlist.

Other recent involuntary recruits include Eve Scooler, Rajit Manohar, Robert
S. Thau*, and Joe Kiniry. Please, everyone, more Useless Bits (TM), ASAP!

Rohit Khare

(*) Yes, I know, a *hahvahd* man, but he's repentant and has paid many years'
dues at MIT. But note that's where we draw the line: Page boys like Zavisca
are just too much...

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