I am slowly annexing Adam's head...

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Thu, 25 Apr 96 07:17:04 -0400

This is possibly even more revealing than my sudden rise in the MsgList
charts. Out of the 15 points in Adam Rifkin's terminology, I was horrified to
note he points 11 of them back at me! Go away! Stop spreading cluons!


1. What is a _"bit"_?
2. What is a _"cluon"_?
3. What is an "anti-cluon"?
4. What is the _"97% rule"_?6. What is a "rasher"?
7. What does "callipygian" mean?
8. What is "pyrolagnia"?
9. What is a "FoRK"?
11. What is _"slack"_?
12. What is a "Baudrillardian challenge"?
13. What is a _PASSLQ_?
15. What's "grok"?

> To paraphrase Israel Salanter, 97% of what is thought
> shouldn't be said; 97% of what is said shouldn't be
> written; 97% of what is written shouldn't be published;
> 97% of what is published shouldn't be read; and 97% of
> what is read shouldn't be remembered.

Very Good!

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