Internet Fast Forward - a browser that filters.

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Sat, 27 Apr 96 14:12:36 PDT

Question: wouldn't turning off Images and turning off Java achieve
the same effect as said browser below?


Date: 25 Apr 96 04:55:08 GMT
Newsgroup: comp.infosystems.www.browsers.misc
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Plugin for Netscape filters WWW advertising

PrivNet Inc. announces the release of Internet Fast Forward
beta version .90b for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

IFF currently works with Netscape Navigator and provides users with
many useful (but controversial) features:

* Filters 99% of web advertising. You won't see those ad banners
that are popping up like mushrooms all across the web, and
you won't even waste time downloading them.

* Filters Java and Gif89 animated ads.

* Filters "cookies." Sites can no longer track your surfing habits.

* "Anysearch" utility allows a user to customize the
net search button on Netscape to go directly to any
search engine they wish. (Or right click on the net search button
to view a pre-defined list of the most popular search engines)

* Automatic network updating of the advertising filter
database. Currently covers all major WWW sites; with more
being added daily.

-All filtering features can be turned on or off with a menu click-

Features to look for in the next version of IFF:

* Advertising filter speed increases; all database and image
recognition code is being optimized.

* Personal image blocking; right click on any annoying image you
come across on the web, select "block", and you'll never have
to see or download it again.

* Allow users to set a maximum image size limit; for example
any image over 50k can be filtered.

* ATLAS support, Microsoft Internet Explorer support.

The current beta of IFF can be found at


Netscape in no way supports or endorses this product; Netscape
and Netscape Navigator are registered trademarks of Netscape
Communications Corporation.


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