Anyone want to buy a city?

I Find Karma (
Mon, 29 Apr 96 15:43:17 PDT

Well, they said a lot of sites were going to fold in '96 and they were
right! This Webstation was set up as a demo for a business plan for a
network of local information sites all over the country. The business
plan failed, but the site was a dramatic success.

So, we staggered along for a while, trying to get some advertisers (we
got some), trying to expand to other cities (we did), and trying to find
some investment $$ (found a little). But it wasn't enough. Now
Microsoft, AOL, PSI, PacBell, @home, and others too numerous to mention
are all jumping into the local info game. Since this is clearly turning
out to be a "free" content medium, and since the ad dollars are nowhere
near to being there for any but the largest and most visible of sites --
then it comes down to DEEP POCKETS, and this is where we take an exit.

It's been fun and a pain in the ass both. Apologies to all the loyal
users who have sent us ideas and compliments. You will soon have many
options to chose from for information similar to what you found here.

The site as it exists will be liquidated at the end of May. All assets
are for sale including interface design, software (for movie and tv
searches - local viewing only), and 25 city URLs in the .com domain.

Check out our list and place a bid.

[I include the list below. -- Adam]

Make us your best offer........

City domains:



Movie theater/showtime locator
(will work for any city)

Movies on TV listing interface
(for any cable system in country)

Check it out at:
(hit the "currently playing" button)

Write your best offer and send it to: