washingtonpost.com - be a beta tester (thanks, John)

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Thu, 2 May 96 10:56:56 PDT

> >I am pleased to invite you to participate as a beta tester of
> >washingtonpost.com - the soon to be released World Wide Web
> >site from Digital Ink. washingtonpost.com is about Washington,
> >the Web and the world, but its also about you. Your interests.
> >Your opinions. Your choices.
> >
> >During our beta phase, we are asking your help in putting the
> >final touches on washingtonpost.com. Give us your ideas,
> >suggestions and criticisms. Tell us what you like, what you
> >don't like, what could work better and what doesn't work at all.
> >We have provided several locations for your feedback. We are
> >interested in your thoughts on the site -- anything from
> >content to layout to advertising. If you don't find a
> >feature you're looking for the first time, come back to
> >check us out - we'll be adding new features daily.
> >
> >To get beta access to washingtonpost.com, you'll need a
> >user ID and password. The user ID is "WASH" and the
> >password is "POST".
> >
> >Otherwise, getting to washingtonpost.com is easy. Digital Ink
> >subscribers can click the washingtonpost.com Internet icon on
> >the Directory page. Or if you currently have Internet access, just
> >launch your browser and type "http://www.washingtonpost.com"
> >in the URL slot. When the opening page displays, select the
> >beta tester option, enter the user ID and password and you're in.
> >
> >Hope to see you on washingtonpost.com soon!
> >
> >Ralph Terkowitz
> >Publisher
> >Digital Ink
> >