Java links.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 3 May 96 16:33:57 PDT

Smaller indices?? Smaller?? Who is Microsoft calling smaller????
:P Adam

Of course, you'll want to learn about Microsoft's Java offerings. We'll
be posting information as soon as it's available. See Microsoft's press
release for general information on the agreement between Microsoft and
Sun Microsystems for licensing the Java technology for inclusion in
Microsoft products.

Your next stop should be is Yahoo's Java pages at and
On those pages, you can find most of the resources listed below, plus
much more.

Sun's Java site ( has a great deal of information
about Java--direct from the source. There's also information about an
upcoming Java conference called JavaOne at

Gamelan ( is a clearinghouse for Java and
Java-related information. It's run by EarthWeb, an advanced Internet
services and technology provider.

Java World ( is an online magazine published by
IDG that is devoted to the Java programming language.

The Java User Resource Network, or Java URN (
has listings of consultants, developers, and other Java sites as well as

There are a number of smaller indices, including Java Resources
( and Presenting Java:
Information Sources ( that
have interesting links.