An interesting theory frough with fallacies.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 4 May 96 14:03:57 PDT

Want to see what happens when someone with NO economics
education background is allowed to publish whatever they
want on the Web? The person below has the gall to believe
that "the process of loaning money into circulation only
creates principal and never creates interest... so when
the interest comes due, the debt is always greater than
the money supply." Oh, the humanity!

:P Adam

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> Dear Adam,
> Please study the MONEY TALK$ Web site
> Once you understand how our monetary system works you'll have a
> better Idea of how to pursue a solution to our growing economic
> problems and social injustices, stagnation, standard of living
> etc.
> Sincerely, Gregory K. Soderberg, Editor