I Find Karma (
Sun, 5 May 96 10:41:01 PDT

> Further, capturing a precious slice of Internet namespace and using it
> to bash Clinton is a particularly neat way to be nasty.

I guess the Internic doesn't pass value judgments?

> I mean, wouldn't it be more personnaly annoying if the official Rifkin
> Hate Mail Club used "" rather than, say, "".

What you're telling me is I'd better register the domain name
before Rohit does?

I guess domain names never need be tied to their content. For example, has no information whatsoever about Persian cats.
Imagine my dismay!

Why, then, does Rohit require our subject lines be tied to their
content? Simply so he can go back through the archives and find what
he's looking for? Isn't this what search engines are for?


Dogbert: Logically, all things are created by a combination of simpler,
less capable components.  Therefore, a supreme being must be our
_future_, not our origin!  What if "God" is the consciousness that will
be created when enough of us are connected by the Internet!!
Dilbert: That would certainly limit the types of files I download.  I
wonder what it would do to response times.
Dogbert: It's nice to spend time alone with my thoughts.
Dilbert: My Web browser would _fly_!
  -- Scott Adams