At least *someone* at MIT can get Tim publicity...

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May 17, 1996 9:10 AM ET
Father of the Web
to take part in MIT cyber-workplace forum
By _Maria Seminerio_

World Wide Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee will discuss "the future of the
cyber-workplace" during the "Virtually Live" satellite teleconference
scheduled for May 29 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in
Cambridge, Mass., sponsored by the MIT Enterprise Forum entrepreneurship
education program.

The event, to be broadcast live to MIT Enterprise Forum chapters across the
world, is aimed at bringing Berners-Lee's insights to entrepreneurs and
sparking a real-time debate on the outlook for the Web in coming years, said
Caitlin McCarthy, spokeswoman for the MIT Enterprise Forum.

Berners-Lee will take part in an informal interview with John Landry,
strategic technology consultant for IBM and Lotus Development Corp. before
taking questions from participants at satellite chapters, McCarthy said.

Between 800 and 1,200 people are expected to attend the event at MIT, where
Berners-Lee is the principal research scientist for the MIT Lab for Computer

The MIT Enterprise Forum is a non-profit organization formed in 1978 to
promote entrepreneurship in technology industries.