Someone's running a better than we are :-=)

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 22 May 96 10:33:08 -0400

PC Week says:

> _Webreference.com_ is probably the most comprehensive
> repository of information for Web users--beginners and
> experts--on the Web. If you don't bookmark this site,
> you might as well quit now. It contains an alphabetized
> index of links to everything Web-related: agents, books,
> browsers, conferences, glossaries, legal issues, software,
> standards, tutorials, file formats, security, tools, VRML
> and more.

Check it out:


PS. It's mildly distressing that PC Week has yet to cite W3.Org in any of its
weekly canonical hotlist roundups; this week our security and HTML resources
were overlooked.

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