bad attitude + 6 months == divine insight?!?

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 23 May 1996 17:10:49 -0400

To me there seems to be two obvious choices. One would be Joe Graziano. The old head honcho of all things dealing with cash at Apple, he already has a history of leaving and coming back. What's more is he left because he called Michael Spindler a loser --
something Amelio probably believes in spades right about now (whether it's true or not). The paper boy once told me that the difference between bad attitude and divine insight is about six months, so Graz may be looking like the prophet of 1996 instead of
the heretic of 1995.

Al also accuses that:
Never mind that Apple's never actually made a profit on PowerBooks,* it has sold a lot of 'em...
Don't blame Apple. Almost no manufacturers make money on notebook computers -- from the numbers I've been able to dig up, Toshiba may be the sole profit-maker.