Just doing my job, Dear IBM infoMarket User:

Tim Byars (tbyars@cris.com)
Fri, 24 May 1996 10:41:19 -0700

Dear IBM infoMarket User:

We are pleased to announce IBM infoMarket version 2.1 --
available April 29th. The foundation of this new release is
a Cryptolope(tm) container -- a secure packaging technology
allowing users to buy copyright-protected information right
from their desktop. Cryptolope containers can include text,
digitized images, video, and audio.

IBM infoMarket's powerful search capabilities enable users
to search through a rich archive of content that includes
previously unavailable commercial content, popular web
indices, and USENET newsgroups. Our search service will be
free of charge -- you pay only for priced content you decide
to purchase. Registration is not required to conduct
searches, however, you must re-register for the service at
the time of your first purchase.

Visit IBM infoMarket today at http://www.infomarket.ibm.com
and take advantage of Cryptolope(tm) technology -- tap into
the wealth of published information now available quickly
and securely through the Internet.

Sincerely, The IBM infoMarket Team


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