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Press Contact: Nancy E. Pagano


IMT's industry leading ChatPlus(tm) software uses advanced memory management
to provide top performance in a windows environment.

HAUPPAUGE, NY April 29, 1996 - Interactive Marketing Technologies, a leading
developer of website enhancement, marketing and traffic building tools
announced today the availability of version 1.1c of the company's flagship
product, the ChatPlus Server for Windows 95 and Windows NT, targeted for the
business, professional, educational and web content provider. The newest
upgrade to the company's popular ChatPlus software includes advanced memory
management that supports over 250 simultaneous chatters in a windows
environment on an average Pentium machine and an easy to use point and click
systems manager and administrator. "These new technical advancements have pu=
powerful, fully-featured, live chat capability within reach of virtually
every size business with a website and/or an intranet system. Prior to
ChatPlus, live chat was a cumbersome and expensive proposition for a website
owner" states Brad Birnbaum, director of technical development.

ChatPlus is an easy to use "real time live chat system" that offers all the
features on line users love such as; private rooms, private messages,
multiple rooms, user lists and moderating. ChatPlus also has add on modules
for live online customer service applications. "ChatPlus offers an easy
solution for businesses that want to increase traffic and build loyalty to
their website and the ability to set up low cost internal web communications
systems" explains James Tito, president. "Offering live chat is a great way =
bring customers to a website - and keep them coming back. ChatPlus is an eas=
cost effective way to offer chat on our website," said Glenna Menard -
marketing manager, Universal Underwriters Insurance.

"ChatPlus offers content providers with many ways to draw traffic to their
site," said Nancy E. Pagano, vice president. "They can host moderated forums=
hold product demonstrations or special events for vertical markets. Business=
can use it for online training and conferencing and it is also a perfect too=
for customer service and technical support. ChatPlus also lets you create a=
display banner ads. So you can use chat time to get your message to your
prospects. Or generate revenue by selling the space to others."

"ChatPlus has proven its value in the market and has received a sensational
response from web users. Our demo system, the StarLite Cafe has registered
75,000 users in the past 12 weeks and gets over 1,000,000 hits per day."

ChatPlus version 1.1c for Windows 95 and Windows NT is available at an avera=
U.S. street price of $249.00 for a 25 user starter package, 25 user upgrade
packs are available for $149.00.

Customer questions or inquiries can be directed to info@vyp.com or by phone =
516-273-2300. To visit the StarLite Caf=C8, our demo site: www.vyp.com/cha=

Established in 1993, Interactive Marketing Technologies combines database
marketing and unique technical skills to design and develop website
enhancement, marketing and traffic building tools.


Interactive Marketing Technologies is the creator of the Virtual Yellow Page=

Interactive Marketing Technologies and ChatPlus name and logo are trademarks
of Interactive Marketing Services Inc.


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