Anna Graham Does More "Friends of Rohit Khare"

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 28 May 96 19:27:55 -0400

COOL! Personally, I think can't "afford the heroin risk", but I can affect an
iron shreik...

Of course, Ernie might find "fat-free HoHos irkin' Dr". And of course, the
Greeks beware, since "FoRK horrified Athens" -- not bad, it may yet make the
New FoRK Times....


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Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 18:01:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: "I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory."
Subject: Anna Graham Does More "Friends of Rohit Khare"

A bit retro by now, but what the heck. Here're another hundred. (BTW, I ran
across my name in your archives, courtesy of "I Find Karma", and enjoyed the

a fortiori, Ken's HF herd
adroit sheriff-honker
afford the heroin risk
afford the iron shriek
affordin' their kosher
ah, hire off dorkiest R.N.
daffier Herriot honks
Danish hook fit Ferrer
dash the inferior FoRK
definite FoRK roar -- Shh!
Dinah tore off shirker
dirtier offshore Hank
doff the hairier Norsk
drift in freer hookahs
drink the offshore air
either FoRK for Danish
Eros hid FoRK in Father
fat-free HoHos irkin' Dr.
feather or fish in dork
fifth-drainer hookers
find the rakish roofer
finish freaker hotrod
fire Hartford honkies
fire hooker firsthand
fish for roe in the dark
fit for hosehead R.R. kin
ford the foreskin hair
forefather's rhino kid
forfeit Krishna horde
forfeit'd Krishna hero
forfend hot air shriek
FoRK finished rat hero
FoRK historian, eh Fred?
FoRK horrified Athens
FoRK in dish o'er Father
Frank's HoHo-terrified
Ha! I froth for deerskin
headfirst heroin FoRK
heir of tarnished FoRK
Henri's horrid takeoff
here I affront his dork
Hereford? I think so. Arf!
Herriot offed Krishna
hid freakin' Fr. hooters
hider tore off in shark
hiker forfeits hard-on
hiker's rhino tradeoff
hire fir FoRK snothead
Hiroshi freaked front
Hiroshi fronted faker
his fat-free dork rhino
Hoff hid KO restrainer
hokier, stiffer hard-on
honk for hairiest Fred
honk for thief, dear sir
honked fart horrifies
hook the friar's friend
Horatio frisk'd Hefner
horned sheriff troika
horrid Krishna toffee
horrified of thankers
horsehide Frank for it
hot air honkers differ
I heed FORTRANish FoRK
I irk Ron Headrest, Hoff
I'd shine earth for FoRK
if heirs adorn the FoRK
inherit'd offshore ark
inherited Fr. OSHA FoRK
Irish honker tradeoff
"irk Dinah Shore" effort
Kaffir tried shoehorn
Kaffir's red hot heroin
Keaton, horrid sheriff
kind Harriet offshore
knit'd horsehair offer
Krishna-hider tore off
offend hot air shirker
offer the kid Harrison
oh fiendish FoRK-rater
oh for fires in the dark
oh FoRK her Fr. dainties
oh horrid fat-free skin
Oh, no! Freakish drifter
OK hard heifer frostin'
okra-fortified Ren -- Shh!
or heftier Danish FoRK
RI FoRK Federation -- Shh!
risk Fahrenheit, Frodo
roar the finished FoRK
Sheik of R.R., eh? 'Fraid not.
sheriff hook'd trainer
shirk hot air offender
shrink offered hot air
ski hat horror, effendi
tariff-hikers honored
the dorkier Fr. fashion
the Rhodesian fir FoRK
thinkers offer hairdo
torn off hair shrieked


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