Re: Web Drives Cult to Mass Suicide

CobraBoy (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 08:50:35 -0800

Someone named Rohit Khare at 8:45 AM -0800 on 3/27/97, came up with this:

* March 27, 1997 11:00 AM ET
* Group in mass suicide apparently ran Web design firm
* By _Maria Seminerio_ [PCWEEK]
* The 39 men and women found dead after an apparent mass suicide in a mansion
* outside San Diego yesterday were evidently Web site developers who ran a
* Denver-based design firm called Higher Source Contract Enterprises, sources
* said today.

Umm... how do you get these gigs that allows you to live in a $1.5 million
mansion? I'm sure we at FoRK could do anything those bozo's could do.



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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