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Gateway 2000 acquires assets of AMIGA Technologies, GmbH

NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 1997-- Gateway 2000
Inc today announced that
the company has made an offer to acquire the assets of AMIGA
Technologies including all patents, trademarks and
trade names. The company is a subsidiary of ESCOM AG, a German-based
computer company that went into
bankruptcy in July of 1996. AMIGA led the industry in combining computer
graphics, animation, and film sequences
with stereo sound known today as multimedia.

The offer has been accepted by the court-appointed Administrator in
Bankruptcy in Germany acting on behalf of
AMIGA. The agreement is subject to regulatory approval.

"This acquisition is good news for Gateway and customers of AMIGA," said
Rick Snyder, president and COO of
Gateway 2000. "It will strengthen our intellectual property position and
invigorate a company that has been a pioneer
in multimedia solutions and operating systems technology."

AMIGA Technologies will be renamed AMIGA International. The company will
operate as a separate business unit
and will retain its current president, Petro Tyschtschenko, who will
work to develop new products for the AMIGA

"Gateway 2000 will give us new life and energy for the future," said

About Gateway 2000

Gateway 2000, Inc., a Fortune 500 company founded in 1985, is a global
leader in the direct marketing of PCs. The
company, headquartered in North Sioux City, South Dakota, has
manufacturing facilities in the United States, Ireland
and Malaysia, and employs over 9,700 people worldwide. Gateway 2000
products and services consistently win top
awards from leading industry publications. In 1996, the company shipped
1.9 million systems and reported revenues
of $5 billion and net income of $250 million.


Since the introduction of the AMIGA A1000 in 1985, AMIGA has represented
the embodiment of the efficient use
of memory and hard drive capacity, while pioneering industry
developments in multimedia, 32-bit multitasking and

For additional information, please e-mail Steve Johns, Director of
Corporate Development for Gateway 2000 at


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