Re: Church of the Poison Mind

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:11:20 -0500 (EST)

> Ok, there is a big house down by San Diego available. 9 bedrooms, ready for
> Internet web site development.

Cool. Is it wired for son-et-lumiere as well?

> Me, Tim Byars - Fearless leader.

Fearless, perhaps...

> Dr. Ernie - Chief Scientist and whatever Dr. Ernie does.


> Rohit Khare - team leader, project leader

Well, which is it? c'mon, I can't be seen tokin' around with *peers*! Sheesh!

> Dan Kohn, way to important in his current pososition. Stock offered


> Robert Harley - EuroTrash and server head.
> Robert is 1/2 of our sales team. Since the EuroTrash has taken over
> Hollywood his accent and French attitude is crucial.

Actually, we need 1/4s. Robert Harley to be EuroTrash, and
Robert Thau to be server head. Both have surplus attitude...

> Joe Barrera - Inside placement at Ms. Stock options offered.

Keep them betas' rollin, raawhiiide!
[Wow, dunno where *that* came from]

> Jim Whitehead - Entertainment head (ties to Music industry)

I have to say, it's a tight race for entertainment bits with Adamn

> Joe Kiniry - Sales and pomp. The other 1/2 of our killer tag team

Pomp, perhaps... :-)

> Adam Rifkin - Publicity/copywriter

Yeah, by the looks of his homework, he sure is a writer who copies!
[BoC? Where? No!...]

> With one bedroom left I'm leaving it up to the rest of the FoRK Cult to
> pick the last person for the core group.

Er, Tim, not bein' one to complain or anythin' but I think you forgot
someone to do the *WORK*. I nominate Rajit :-)

And there you have it, 9 men and no babes... what a pathetic, skewed
lifestyle of geekdom and cold pizza. Sign me UP!


(Actually, the breakdown of white and asian males (and no females)
should say a lot about our industry. Mostly horrifying things...)