France angry that English favored on EU web (fwd)

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 10:59:44 -0500 (EST)

Many a tempest hidden in your choice of q-factors in Content-Language...


PS. "See adam, protocol features ARE moral judgements"

> Forwarded Text ----
> PARIS (Reuter) - France, bent on pushing its own language
> onto the Internet, rapped the European Commission Thursday for
> giving English prominence over the European Union's 10 other
> languages on the Web.
> Foreign Minister Herve de Charette, in a stern letter to
> Commission President Jacques Santer released to the press,
> demanded that the alleged discrimination be ended.
> ``...I was most surprised to see that the Commission's
> Internet servers largely prefer to use the English language, in
> the presentation pages as well as in the documents available,''
> de Charette wrote.
> ``Such practice, on community institutions' servers
> proposing information on the European Union, seem to run counter
> to the institutions' language rules providing for equality among
> languages.''
> President Jacques Chirac has ordered a counter-offensive by
> La Francophonie, the group of French-speaking countries, to cut
> the lead taken by the English language on the Internet.
> ``I would be grateful to see to it that the equality between
> the Union's 11 official and working languages be effectively
> respected, and to let me know the Commission's plans to develop
> plurilinguism on Internet,'' de Charette wrote.
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(thanks to Joseph Reagle for the clipping)