Lexicon of Intentionally Ambiguous Recommendations.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 28 Mar 97 21:23:23 PST

Apparently the "Lexicon of Intentionally Ambiguous Recommendations" is
out of print! Rob, you gotta find your copy, man!!!

In any case, the author of "English as a Second F*cking Language" felt
like writing me anyway. [ESF*L is a cool book for figuring out the
proper grammar usage of swear words, as in, "Kindly fuck off."]

Anyway, even the author of ESF*L goes to amazon.com when he has a
publishing question...

> From rokaco@redshift.com Fri Mar 28 21:06:28 1997
> To: adam@cs.caltech.edu (I Find Karma)
> Subject: Re: Lexicon of Intentionally Ambiguous Recommendations?
> Dear Adam:
> Thanks for your kind words about "English as a Second F*cking Language."
> I checked the Amazon.com search service for "Lexicon of Intentionally
> Ambiguous Recommendations" by Robert Thornton. Apparently it's out of
> print.
> http://www.Amazon.com
> is the address to try for almost any book in print. I didn't find it
> under author, but they had it under the title "Lexicon of
> Intentionally Ambiguous Recommendations."
> They've also got ESF*L listed (by author, I think; the * confuses their
> searcher). There's also an author interview with me.
> There's even room for readers to post reviews.
> All best,
> Sterling


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