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Mon, 31 Mar 1997 07:34:25 -0800

Someone named I Find Karma at 2:13 AM -0800 on 3/31/97, came up with this:

* Joe Kiniry wrote:
* > in the end, what i object to wrt microsoft, centers more on their
* > business, marketing, technology _practices_. but i don't think we
* > need go down that path; it is entirely to exhausting and unproductive
* > for us all.
* In the end, what I object to wrt Microsoft centers more on the number of
* hours I've lost to:
* 1. Getting the operating system to recognize that printers, modems,
* and other hardware are actually there.
* 2. Uninstalling and reinstalling software that repeatedly crashes
* itself, crashes the operating system, and/or erases critical files from
* the hard drive.
* 3. Figuring out how to undo something the operating system and/or
* software has done to my hard disk and/or floppy.


* So my beef is not with Microsoft's bad taste in product design. And
* my beef is not with Microsoft's strangling competition in their business
* and marketing practices. What boils my blood is how much of my time
* they've wasted.

But Adam this is the genius behind their products. I guess it has to do
with who you envision using products. I always "see" the guy using Ms as
being older. Sort of the 40 - 50 ish sort. Go to a Fry's, or Computer Swap
meet to see them. They are all standing around talking to each other about
if a USR X-56 or whatever is worth upgrading to.

Then the other users are the sort of same guys that have jobs as MIS
directors for some company. Ms keeps them busy. Ms gives them job security.
Ms is good for America. Ms keeps America working.



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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