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Ladies, Gentlemen & Cryptographers,

I'm pleased to announce the imminent release of the premier issue of the
new "Zimmermann Telegram" newsletter. The Zimmermann Telegram will be a
regularly-published, paper-based, English-language technical update
newsletter from PGP's engineering staff, and will cover a variety of
cryptographic and other lighthearted topics which we may otherwise be
restricted from discussing via electronic media. The newsletter will be
sent, in compliance with US law, by regular postal mail to anyone
interested in technical information about PGP -- anywhere in the world.

If you are now developing PGP-related freeware, shareware, commercial or
academic cryptographic software, or you plan in future to become a
registered PGP Developer or PGP World Partner (those programs are currently
under construction and will be formally announced later) or if you are just
interested in technical information about cryptography, we think you'll
enjoy reading our newsletter.

In the premier issue, along with important updates regarding changes to the
PGP packet format, CRC security problems and new extensions to the PGP key
format which are not available through any other medium, you'll learn about
the significance of the "Zimmermann Telegram" name. Meanwhile, visit this
page: <http://www.nara.gov/nara/digital/teaching/zimmermann/zimmerma.html>.

Scheduled to be mailed imminently, the premier issue will be sent free to
anyone who provides us with a postal mail address. After that, regular
subscriptions will require a modest fee (to be announced) to cover our
mailing costs, but we've committed to offering a limited number of free
one-year subscriptions to interested members of the cryptography community.
To request your free subscription, please send email to me at:


In the body of your request, please include the form below (items between
the cut-lines ONLY, and preferably PGP-signed), and replace the lines with
your complete postal mail address info as indicated. We'll put an HTML
subscription form on our website, but for the premier issue, we're managing
the subscription process via email. Thank you for your patience as we
deploy rapidly. :)

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The Zimmermann Telegram
PGP's Technical Newsletter

- Premier Issue & One-Year Free Subscription Request -

Subscription Information (Premier Issue):

name (optional, but appreciated)
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Free Subscription Category: (please [x] only one)

[ ] academic
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[ ] human-rights/privacy activist
[ ] corporate security
[ ] impoverished cypherpunk
[ ] software analyst
[ ] law enforcement
[ ] freedom-fighter
[ ] intelligence agency
[ ] freeware developer

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Privacy Lock: If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal
information when sent over unsecured public networks, please feel free to
encrypt your subscription request to my key, which can be found at:
Pretty Good Privacy Inc will take all reasonable precautions to protect
this information and will not use it for any other purpose without first
asking your permission. Also, PGP will not sell or give the information to
another entity and will store the list securely between mailings.

Please feel free to circulate/forward this message (with PGP-signature)
among your friends and colleagues (remember: the free subscription offer
expires on 30 April 1997). We look forward to your comments on The
Zimmermann Telegram and thank you for your continued support of PGP.


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