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Mon, 31 Mar 1997 12:00:59 -0800

Run "msd" from DOS. This will tell you about memory, IRQs, and all sorts
of other good stuff.

Later versions of Windows (including NT) have a WinMSD but I don't think
there was one in 3.11.

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Subject: Stupid Win 3.1 question

My friend has a ThinkPad 7xx 486/66 active matrix
laptop. It has Win VWG
3.1.1 on it. She wants to install Win'95 but I can't
find out how to check
for installed memory. I says 640K on boot but I can't
believe that is all
the memory that it has.

How the hell do you check these things?



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and

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