Geodesic Warfare: The Mesh and the Net (fwd)

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 13:06:44 -0500 (EST)

> From: Robert Hettinga <>
> Subject: Geodesic Warfare: The Mesh and the Net
> Cc: Anthony Templer <>
> Anthony Templar took the text file I had of
> Speculations on Armed Conflict in
> a Time of Free Silicon
> McNair Paper 29
> March 1994
> Washington, D.C.
> bashed it quite nicely into HTML, and parked it at
> <>.
> Somebody put a pointer to the original site -- which I have since lost --
> on cypherpunks a couple of years ago, and I downloaded the text version,
> then, thinking that I would have a copy of my own if it was ever taken off
> the net. Altavista was just getting started at the time, and, like a
> turn-of-the-century British dancehall character named Archie (the namesake
> for World War I antiaircraft fire), Altavista was busy looking up the dress
> of every website it could find, and telling everyone what it saw. :-). No
> telling when stuff would go away, especially after the webmasters' bosses
> found out about it.
> It dawns on me that both comic book and internet protocol Archies were
> aptly named, in hindsight...
> Anyway, thanks to Anthony for doing such a nice job on what looks like a
> 65-page paper. It's about 250k+ in size.
> Its e$ relevance, of course, is, what happens if there's a cash settled
> market for force, and these increasingly smaller, autonomous, networked
> weapons auction their services in that market? Also, the paper talks about
> how these weapons could be used to effectively defend very small pieces of
> ground, certainly at the level of your average suburban house. Personal
> warfare? The Swiss, the original Icelanders, and the pre-British Irish
> must be smiling somewhere.
> Lions and Tigers and Bears.
> Oh, my.
> Cheers,
> Bob Hettinga
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