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So I'm guessing that they are just translating hardware calls from one
platform type to another. The OS is still up to you.



Connectix Virtual PC Lets Power Mac
Users Run
the Universe of PC Software

SAN MATEO, CALIF., APRIL 4, 1997 - Connectix
Corporation today provided a
sneak preview of Connectix Virtual PC (TM), the
much-anticipated software compatibility
product, during Apple Computer's launch of the new
Power Macintosh 6500 at Walt Disney
World. Connectix, developers of the award-winning RAM
Doubler (TM), Speed Doubler
(TM), and QuickCam (TM), produced Connectix Virtual
PC to run the full range of
off-the-shelf PC software on Power Macintosh Systems,
from MS-DOS to Windows 3.1 and
Windows 95, and even Windows NT. In addition to the
full range of PC software
compatibility, Connectix Virtual PC delivers playable
performance of PC games, business
and productivity applications, multimedia titles and
Internet content. Connectix Corporation
will ship Connectix Virtual PC to more than 6,000
catalog and retail outlets nationwide in
June 1997.

"Connectix Virtual PC is the first software
compatibility product to give to Power Macintosh
users true playable performance of Windows 95 and DOS
games and entertainment titles with
full sound support. Connectix Virtual PC brings the
added advantage of PC compatibility to
the Macintosh platform," said Gina Clark, Vice
President and General Manager, Software,
Connectix Corporation.

Connectix Virtual PC is a complete solution,
supporting all functions users expect from a
standard Pentium PC including: full SoundBlaster Pro
support, Ethernet networking,
CD-ROM support, modem support for access to the
Internet and support for PC printing.
Connectix Virtual PC is also an integrated solution,
providing a shared Mac folder to easily
share files between the Macintosh and PC environments.

Most importantly, Connectix Virtual PC runs several
operating systems-according to the
user's needs. As proof of its true PC implementation,
Connectix Virtual PC uses
off-the-shelf operating system software, eliminating
the need for special modified versions of
operating systems. Connectix Virtual PC runs MS-DOS,
Windows 3.1, Windows 95,
Windows NT and even NeXT OpenStep and IBM O/S2.
Connectix Virtual PC gives Power
Macintosh users the most compatible platform in the

Connectix Virtual PC is designed to run on Power PC
systems running System 7.5 or later.
Pricing will be announced when the product becomes
generally available for the retail channel
in June 1997.

Connectix Corporation

Founded in 1988 and based in San Mateo, CA, Connectix
Corporation designs,
manufactures, distributes and publishes award-winning
personal computer enhancement
products. The company's flagship products include:
Color QuickCam, RAM Doubler, Speed
Doubler, and Connectix VideoPhone. For more
information, contact Connectix Corporation
at 415.571.5100 or at



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