Re: Physics of Objects (re: climbing mt. clue)

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:49:53 -0600

Nice summation, DR.E! But there are troubling implications here.

First is that there's a dichotomy between the quark-scale bits and the macro-
scale bits. Do <tags> exist everywhere at once? Are they waves? Gif89a files
can oscillate.

Second, is the energy density of the web vacuum, like the QED vacuum, infinite?
Possibly so, but that may just be an artifice of the way we draw Feynman
diagrams using points, rather than strings. The web may be 10-dimensional, or
26-dimensional, depending on how you wish to do the math. Many players, like
myself, can be pretty one-dimensional.

Thirdly, there is clearly a corollary with Hawking radiation. Pages have
entropy (especially the ones with black backgrounds), like black holes. This
is macroscopically experienced as link-rot, for example.

Lastly, there is the fact that we don't yet have a quantum theory of gravity,
although it's clear that certain pages warp the net in very attractive ways.
But there seems to be some gravitational repulsion in cases, which we don't see
in physics.

Well, off to a meeting about symmetry-breaking in tape drives.