Re: Physics of Objects (re: climbing mt. clue)

I Find Karma (
Fri, 4 Apr 97 15:33:53 PST

Ernie wrote:

> Unlike Adam, I am more than happy to spew forth before
> knowing what I'm going say.

Not me. Spewing forth before thinking is like drinking tea before it's
fully brewed: sure, it keeps you regular, but think of the FLAVOR you're

> I have no bits, and only one clue, but it is a generic one.

All you need is one. :)

> I act as a clue multiplier for Rohit and Adam.

I can't speak for Rohit, but as for myself: anything times zero is still

> I also think he identifies the
> correct problem: dumb bits. The question is precisely how do you
> compose a universe of dumb bits into a usable system.

There's an analogy to my FoRKposts in here somewhere...

> Doesn't make sense? Don't worry, that's why we have Adam and Rohit,

Huh? Implying I'm here to be confused for all of us?

> to interpret the words of the oracle (no, not Ellison) to the huddled
> masses on the mountain. And, like priests often do, they will
> probably make it mean whatever they want.

This is why it's better to hold one's tongue and be thought an idiot,
than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

> Okay, back to being a boring management consultant by day. I'll let
> you CS types have the fun of making this all work. Let me know when
> you're done creating the universe. It should take, what, six days?

Nope. Creating the universe requires five and a half days of loafing
off, and then one really bitchin' all-nighter. Hence the need for a
full seventh day of rest...


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