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Sat, 5 Apr 97 11:49:36 PST

> [at this point, adam will have to kick in to translate -

So much for the lone gunman / single bullet theory.

> I can't explain it better right now. Probably the three glasses of
> Amaretto di Sanorro I've had during this edit session...]

Seriously, Rohit, good show. Made perfect sense to me... :)

The key point is that the grain of "task state" lets us pull the service
model up, from the transport of IP packets, to the actual application
tasks people will want. Thinking of everything as a document lets
us add enhancements like payment, security, routing, and storage at the
application level, because these are simply semantic refinements.

Of course, can't get there from here except through several intermediate

1) show the business model so business people are drooling for it,
along the way showing how the Web Consortium will serve their current
needs for information technology,

2) describe how the current state-of-the-art technology (yes,
marrying the Web to object technologies, in a sense, for they are but
two sides to the same coin) actually can be compliant with this vision
(if only people would look at the coin the way we do),

3) describe the philosophy of information spaces in general and show
how this beats the pants off of anything currently out there (or
currently in the works), and then and only then

4) describe the architecture of a system (a/k/a munchkins) with the
built-in facilities to support this task-oriented view of the world.


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