A few tidbits from JavaOne.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Sat, 5 Apr 97 12:43:14 PST


> - Scott McNealy and Miko Matsumura raised important security issues
> for the programming community, giving the packed Esplanade Ballroom
> a demo of ActiveX and a dose of the obligatory competition bashing.

"Obligatory competition bashing"? :)

> - Java development tools deluge JavaOne, including Java Foundation Classes
> from Sun, Netscape, and IBM; an ActiveX-to-Java migration tool from IBM's
> Taligent; and Visual JavaScript from Netscape.

Java(TM): We're All Things To All People.

I'm reminded of that movie _Crazy People_, where they come up with the
slogan "AT & T: We're Tired of All Your Crap. Face It, We're All You've
Got." Or something along those lines...


How the fuck does the word FUCK get in the New York Times?
-- Crazy People